girl – woman


Today I got an interesting question from a friends younger sister (14 y.o).
“What’s the different between a girl and a woman?”

It’s a good question – and it really deserves a good answer!
I wanted to give her an answer that didn’t have with the sexual difference from girl to woman, like you get your period, your breasts will grow and stuff like that!
I was thinking a bit about how I think me myself did change – it wasn’t to long ago I guess (and I’m not done yet).

The difference between girl and woman is the responsibility for yourself and your surroundings. I guess I’m talking a bit about the legally “being adult” at age 18 (here in Sweden).
I also think the real difference comes when your heart tells you it’s time to take responsbility and be strong. Some people get there pretty early others never.

You can act like a woman, but still be a girl in heart. The important thing is to always keep that girl with you! Give her a rest, play with her and let her enjoy even when you are a woman in life. – Thats a fun life I guess.

So, I guess being a woman or a girl is a mindset (if we skip all the sexual things about it).
I guess what really made me see I am an adult was my trip to Sala wildfire with the civil defence!

It made me grow a lot as a person and find out new things about myself.
Also it made me realise I will always have the “girl” inside me with me – and I’m gonna take care of her too 🙂

How would you answer the question?


About Sasha

woman, 23 years old. Study sociology and public sociology at university. Create jewellery and other fun stuff!
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