I’m so happy right now!
If everything goes as planned I will go to Baltimore (USA) for christmas and new year!
I hope it will be ok with the university and so – I must check that first! I may miss one class 😉

soooo~~ I’m sick at home and google is my friend, so I have been google’ing on “suitcase” – cause I don’t own one. Of course I need to have a really nice new suitcase on my first travel without mom! (guess I wont *laughing*)

But I really found a lot lovely ones!
(Click on the photos to get to the homepage selling the suitcases)

1This one is really nice 🙂 I like the color!
It’s about 70cm high and get 75litre.


This one is just TO CUTE! Sadly its only 60cm high, and I can’t find information how many litre it is. But it’s heavy! So guess it’s better while traveling short distance and for the look more 🙂

I totally fell in love with this! The color is lovely, and it really look like a seashell ❤
Also it’s 86cm heigh and lightweight ❤ But it’s almost the same price as my tickets o.O!!!!!

Guess I will borrow a cuitcase from friend or family *Haha*


About Sasha

woman, 23 years old. Study sociology and public sociology at university. Create jewellery and other fun stuff!
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