Hello ~~
Sorry, yesterday I totally forgot to blog!
I had a fever the whole morning, so I slept past lunch.
Had 🍕 pizza for lunch and then I took a long warm shower 🚿.
I had a meeting at 15.30 and after it I went to the library.


It’s nice spending time at the library looking for new research-material. 📚
I got home with 12 books to use for this week’s report, some of them also for other reports and stuff I have to do at the univeristy.

The whole evening 🌃 until I went to bed was spent with tea and a lot of surveys to program into my computer 💻 so I can make any result out of them. Deadline Monday ~~


About Sasha

woman, 23 years old. Study sociology and public sociology at university. Create jewellery and other fun stuff!
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