Friday at the run

Hello ~~

Friday,  we started waking up at my friends place. Had breakfast, I only had tea 🙂 I’m to tired in the morning.

The bus and subway 🚉 to centralstation at lunch. Me and Sae-chan had a good lunch there. I took chickenkebab and Sae-chan tried sausage with potatomash and egg.


She liked it 😄👍

We found her gate and got her a ticket to the airport. I had my own train 🚂 home to catch so I couldn’t go with her all the way to the airport.

It felt empty leaving her and going back alone. 💔


Bai bai Stockholm ~~

I was awfully tired, so after some delays I fell asleep at the train. Total I became one hour late home.

I meet some friends at the station at home, Mathias had bought me a cinamonroll 💜💜💜💜💜💜

When I came home I had it with some warm mulled wine.



About Sasha

woman, 23 years old. Study sociology and public sociology at university. Create jewellery and other fun stuff!
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