Stupid again?


I will go to bed soon, I just have so much on my mind I thought I would use my blog to spurt it out.

I’m really angry at myself right now. Remember how I said I wouldn’t make the same mistake again? Yeah, right, here I stand again.
Started to open up, think that a person cared for me, I really feel pushed away and that what I felt was a problem was pushed back on me.
I know everything is my fault, I know I’m the one at fault, I know I’m the only one that can mess up and I’m the only one that ever need to apologize.
I cant even write it down, I just want to cry but I don’t do that stuff anymore.

Single, I can keep it up, I have lot of things to do.
I was stupid for thinking anything would ever change~~


About Sasha

woman, 23 years old. Study sociology and public sociology at university. Create jewellery and other fun stuff!
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4 Responses to Stupid again?

  1. Lana says:

    i know this might sound very weird coming from a stranger but never ever let anyone make you feel guilty or upset because you asked them to care. good people should care. you should open up and be everything you are.
    you are strong and you will meet the right person eventually .
    stand tall 🙂

    • Sasha says:

      Hi ❤ thanks a lot for your comment! It madee happy ❤ i will try my best to stand tall and keep beeing me, waiting for the people that accept me for that.
      Thanks ❤

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