Totoro, my neighbor

Hello~~ 👋

Yesterday after love left I were stuck with crafting and looking at pewdiepie playing trough ‘the last of us’.

I started out with a project doing a recipe-map. Had dinner and after that finally decided to end my project croching totoro.

I had this photo from pinterest


Cause I never remember exactly what he looks like. ☺
It’s a nice anime about this totoro and some children. It’s Japanese.
So, I started a while ago



Here, he ended up in a box.
Yesterday I finished him off ♥


I made him I’m two colors instead of one, just for fun. He is so kawaii ♥


Next project?
And he has company with a big brother.


About Sasha

woman, 23 years old. Study sociology and public sociology at university. Create jewellery and other fun stuff!
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